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27 March 2016

Our reviews of educational games have been moved here from an external blog.

18 June 2013

What games would girls like to play? I don't know and I'm not convinced that Jill Denners and Sannon Campes know either. (Swedish)

15 March 2010

Seduce a Christian rock star or get sexually humiliated in this Finnish Master's Thesis project. It may be academically approved, but is it a good game? (Swedish)

14 January 2010

Game designers – petty gods who bring dead clichés back to life ? (Swedish)

19 December 2009

Stars over Half Moon Bay – pretentious crap or humble try? (Swedish)

Writings On Games

Thoughts on Educational Games

Bond Breaker

Bond Breaker

Fresh mechanics, but unfortunately science does more for the game than the game does for science.

50 States

50 States

Fun at first but soon gets repetitious thanks to some truly careless design decisions.

Globetrotter XL

Globetrotter XL

It is remarkable that a game this casual can be this educating.

World Countries Quiz

World Countries Quiz

Straightforward geography skill-and-drill.

Rote learning in educational games

Boring, important and easy to gamify.

A typology of educational games

A typology of educational games

In trying to not be “chocolate covered broccoli”, many games end up as “broccoli covered chocolate”.

Pandemic II

Pandemic II

The complex interplay between geography, communications and pathogen attributes makes for deep gameplay.



A 3D representation of a photosynthetic cell. Not much of a game yet.

Immune Attack

Immune Attack

An introduction to various features of the innate immune system. Clichéd gameplay.

Conflict: Immunity

Conflict: Immunity

A simplified model of how B cells, T cells and macrophages work together. Could have been brilliant.

Lies and Seductions icon

Code Fred: Survival Mode

A brief but wide-ranging introduction to human physiology. Torturous to play.

Crazy Plant Shop

Crazy Plant Shop

About inheritance and how dominant and recessive genes work. Very boring.

Reviews of Indie & Retro Games

Small-Tiled Clutter Games icon

Small-Tiled Clutter Games

That beloved genre that so many are raving about nowadays when both soulslikes and roguelikes have jumped the shark. 

Don't look back icon

Lies and Seductions

Les Liaisons Dangereuses i modern, finsk tappning.

Don't look back icon

Don’t Look Back

Are game designers petty gods with the power to breathe new life into dead clichés? A long analysis of a short game provides the answer. Eng, Swe

Stars over half moon bay icon

Stars over Half Moon Bay

Ett konstspel om kreativitet. Rod Humble är mannen som gjort till sin uppgift att besanna Kameleont Killers profetior Detta är mitt sätt att säga tack.

Articles and Essays on Games

Barbie and Virtua Fighter

What Games Made by Girls can Tell Us

Comments on Denner's & Campe's chapter in the book Beyond Barbie and Mortal Kombat.
Eng, Swe

Fila Decathlon Icon

Track and Field Game Mechanics

How we revived the most stagnant of game genres.

Konami's Jailbreak Icon

Kybernetisk Kultur

Malmö Högskola 10 år – tillåt mig gratulera!

Fred of Lighthouse Lunacy fame in his first unreleased casual game

Time Has Come for Casual Games

1999: Who has time for epic games?

Zap, pow, boom icon

Zap, Pow, Boom!

Nej, Clemens Altgård, Myst och Backpacker var inte dataspelens framtid. Och det där med dvärgarna var inte personligt menat. (Jätten, å andra sidan …)

Interaktiv konst icon

Interaktiv Konst

Första evangeliet: Speldesigners är gudar.

screenshot of innovative Amiga Game Robin Hood, created by A-life scientist Steve Grand

Non-Player Characters

A well reasoned 1996 letter to EDGE magazine is inevitably spoiled by habitual chest-thumping in the end.

Games and Interactive Drama

A slight but not very focused plea for small scale and focus in grown-up game design. Written in 1994.

Screenshot of overrated c64 game Pitstop 2

64 Racing Games in
Shock Horror Stunna

LOL! A concerned young man speaks truth to power on a matter of grave importance in this 1989 Zzap “letter of the month”.


Panel from game comic strip em all

Strip ’Em All Presentation

More about the game and other game comics.

Screenshot from Amiga rpg Faery Tale Adventure

Map for the Faery Tale Adventure

A hand drawn map for David Joiner’s wonderful Amiga RPG.

Screenshot from abandoned GBA game The Old Well

The Old Well

The GBA predecessor to Lighthouse Lunacy. Introducing Fred.

Screenshot from abandoned GBA game The Old Well

Kameleont Killers

Are video games art? Yes, and that's a shame according to this short novel from 1994.

Contemplating a new blog post


General thoughts on gaming and shorter reviews.