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20 December 2016

All the concluding chapters of Atko Viru's book are now up:
Anaerob arbetsförmåga
Mesocykler i träning
Makrocykeln och dess strategi
Inför en tävling

10 December 2016

One more chapter: Träningsproblem med hänsyn till ålder.

9 December 2016

Chapter 21, Strategins allmänna plan, is finally up. Six chapters to go.

24 June 2014

Another year, another chapter up: Mikrocykler i träning

6 August 2013

Chapter 18, Ekonomisering vid aktivitet i närheten av kapacitetsgränsen, and chapter 19, Träningspass och träningsbelastning, is up.

18 July 2013

Chapter 17, Utveckling av aerob uthållighet, is up.

26 June 2013

Chapter 16, Träning av snabbhet och explosiv styrka, is up.

18–20 June 2013

Chapter 12, 13, 14 and 15 of Viru’s book is up

6 June 2012

Chapter 11, Ärftlighet, adaptiv proteinsyntes och prestationsförmåga, of Viru’s book is up

19 November 2011

Chapter 10, Adaptiv proteinsyntes och träningsuppläggning, of Viru’s book is up.

15 November 2011

Chapter 9, Träning och proteinsyntes, of Viru’s book is up.

10 November 2011

Chapter 8, Lagen om superkompensation och betingade reflexer, of Viru’s book is up.

19 June 2010

For a lucid rebuttal of the claims that certain NFL-players are faster than Usain Bolt, read the text about 40-Yard Dash and timing in our new game.

12 November 2009

There is now an English translation of the introductory article about a profile of demands and tests for the short sprints.

21 October 2009

Reaction time and the sprint start: read about the deciding factors and how you can influence them. It’s an in-depth account but really quite easy to follow.

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Athletics News Archive

Photo of camera and laptop showing a video analysis of sprinter diva

Video Analysis

Biomechanical analysis of 300 frames per second video footage.

Photo of professor Atko Viru

Idrottsträning by Atko Viru

We are pleased to present the only Swedish translation of a work by the eminent Estonian sport scientist Atko Viru.
Read book... (Swedish)

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Reaction Time

Simple reaction time is actually pretty complicated – not just an electric signal whizzing through wires. And not entirely beyond control!
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Deep Squatting

Good or bad? We separate fiction from fact and help you understand the reasoning with our interactive squat models and applications.
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Team Athletic Design

This page is chiefly for our track team in Lund. You'll find some general info too – most in Swedish, though.

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The Sprints: Profile of Demands and Tests

Which qualities are required of a 100m sprinter and how are these qualities best tested?.
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Swedish edition...

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Fila Decathlon

The only serious track & field game around. Don't care for games? This article, which explains how basic long jump mechanics were implemented, might still be of some interest.

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Training for Lundaloppet

Swedish page with advice and training programs for beginning and intermediate runners.