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31 March 2010

Creatine Ethyl Ester should enter cells more easily and eliminate the loading phase of regular creatine. Viktor Björklund puts the theory to test (Swedish).


22 December 2009

Check out our growing collection of sprint analyses made with a high-speed video camera and flash programming.

31 March 2009

We have finished the English translations of our first article and interactive applications about the squat.

5 February 2009

The Swedish edition of the first part of our articles and applications about the squat is finally complete.

9 January 2009

The English editions of our interactive squat models are now available.


18 December 2008

Squat model No. 2 is up. This one explores levers.

9 December 2008

Please try our new interactive model of the squat. An English edition will be available soon.

29 August 2008

Book reviews added to the athletics section.