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20 February 2018

Added first chapter of an interactive novel that may or may not be finished one day. The plot is settled, but the interactive elements are tentative and liable to vary from chapter to chapter. I think I will stay clear of pure game mechanics though – the emphasis is on reading, not playing.

Fans of Witold Gombrowicz might recognize some of the themes, but of course I have my own take on them. I don't even like his later works.

30 January 2017

New page about melodic appropriation.

27 January 2010

Ola counters an objection to his article on Wold & Wennerås in an appendix and a new article about assessment of scientific quality (Swedish).

25 January 2010

Most mammals differ from human runners in that they depend on the spine for speed. Learn about that and much more in a jargon heavy paleontology piece.

2 July 2009

Now you can read about gender discrimination in science in English.

8 March 2009

Finally some stuff here on Other Stuff – serious stuff.

Den Naive Komplexe Mästaren eller Teddys Död, en interaktiv roman i Witold Gombrowicz anda

Den Naive Komplexe Mästaren

A Swedish-language interactive novel. that will get illustrations and 38 further chapters if Daniel Ahlgren and Ola can find the time to produce them.

Read... (preferably on a tablet)


Carnivore Evolution

A review of adaptations in mammalian carnivores. What makes them fast runners, strong climbers and good diggers?
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Wold och Wennerås

Wold and Wennerås

Massive gender bias in peer review? Yes, says an influential study. But it can be interpreted either way: does a woman have to be 2.6 times as good as a man, or does a man have to be 2.6 times as good as a woman?
Swedish edition...
English edition...

Paul Stanley of Kiss changes into his wig before a concert

Music Plagiarism and appropriation

The origin of assorted melodic phrases. Not the most obvious and well-know examples and not about sampling.
A work in progress.

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