Fila Decathlon

Fila Decatlon is published by THQ and is only available for the Game Boy Advance.

Konami's 1982 formula finally improved

While superficially very similar in look and play to other Track & Field games, some genuinely innovative design makes for deeper and more durable play. Yet, the basic button bashing remains as raw and physical as ever. If you'd like to find out how we accomplished that, please read this 2002 article which was written for Gamasutra by the game designer.

Track and Field Game Mechanics by Anders Hansson.

The original article is also still availabe on Gamasutra and Game Developer, where you can find a printer friendly version as well.


If you'd rather read some independent views on the game, why not check out the reviews instead? Here are a random bunch of good, bad, smart, and stupid ones. There are lots more – we'll add them eventually.

Fila Decathlon Box Cover

Running for the glory of the Uncanny Valley ...

Erki Nool playing Fila Decathlon

Yes, it's Olympic gold medalist Erki Nool pretending to play a Fila Decathlon prototype!

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