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Games can be used in marketing and for other commercial purposes in many ways.

The use of interactive elements and even small elements of a game in a banner can completely change the reaction of the receiver from unconcerned glances to a focussed view with a personal interest in the message and information conveyed.

Games on your own web site are an unsurpassed way to generate traffic. If the game is carefully designed it will also attract recurrent visitors who will be kept updated about your company’s offerings. A slightly different approach is to offer new but very simple games at regular intervals.

Yet another alternative is to allow the game to be distributed for free on the thousands of dedicated game sites that exist. If it is designed in accordance with the company’s graphic profile and if the very content of the game consists in direct interaction with the company’s products, then the game in fact will function as an interactive banner which is distributed at no cost.

The core of a game is animation and interactivity. These elements can also be used in instructions, educational material and other forms of technical communication.

We have previously developed games for Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance and for PC with DirectX. Now we focus on Flash, which is the clearly dominating platform for web-based games. We can develop a game from the first concept to the final product, but we can also supply single links in the chain.

The size of a game project can vary immensely. Usually, the production of the graphics is what takes most time and costs most money. Therefore, there are greats saving to be had if we can use your company’s pre-existing graphical material. It is also possible to take one of our existing games and simply change the graphics.

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